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20. Connect Cause with Effect - Deck of Brilliance - Deck of Brilliance
20. Connect Cause with Effect
20. Connect Cause with Effect

With social issues, often the biggest hurdle you face is that the benefit of what you are asking people to do is not immediately apparent.

For instance, a woman who turns off a couple of lights on Earth Day will never get to see the effect of her actions on the climate.

An office-goer who begins to recycle his plastic bottles won’t notice any significant difference in the size of the plastic patch in the oceans.

A smoker who quits is unlikely to notice any change in his lungs right away.

When cause and effect are separated by vast amounts of time and space, what can you do?

Well, you can simply bring them together visually.

Juxtapose the two in the most interesting way you can think of.

Shuffle the Deck