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Deck of Brilliance

Idea generation tools
for creative professionals

By Juggi Ramakrishnan and Todd McCracken

01. Glorify and Celebrate
02. Empathize and Support
03. Dramatize the Problem
04. Dramatize the Solution
05. Let the Solution Create a New Problem
06. Find an Analogy for the Problem
07. Find an Analogy for the Solution
08. Make the Product Precious
09. Tell a Story
10. Create Fantasy Worlds, People and Things
11. Demonstrate
12. Take the Audience Backstage
13. Define, Label and Group
14. Get a Testimonial
15. Use a Recurring Character or Mascot
16. Compare and Contrast
17. Swap Roles
18. Challenge Yourself
19. Challenge the Consumer
20. Connect Cause with Effect
21. Use a Unique Attribute
22. Adopt Another Category’s Style
23. Make the Familiar Unfamiliar
24. Humanize
25. Make a Parody, Satire or Spoof
26. Make an Enemy
27. Use the Power of Guilt
28. Champion the Underdog
29. Resolve Conflicts
30. Make Someone’s Day
31. Overturn Prejudice
32. Be Brutally Honest
33. Apply Social Pressure
34. Stage a Spectacle
35. Use the Power of Cute
36. Be Brutally Simple
37. Invent a Complementary Product
38. Customize and Personalize
39. Crash Someone Else’s Party
40. Invite Participation
41. Conduct an Experiment
42. Play a Prank
43. Set Up an Installation
44. Turn it into a Game
45. Make it a Work of Art
46. Offer Something Irresistible
47. Partner with Another Brand
48. Conduct a Product Trial
49. Find a Fitting Location
50. Replace a Real Experience With a Virtual One
51. Dress Up as News or Entertainment
52. Push the Boundaries of Technology
Shuffle the Deck