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01. Glorify and Celebrate - Deck of Brilliance - Deck of Brilliance
01. Glorify and Celebrate
01. Glorify and Celebrate

We all share this deep desire to belong to something greater than ourselves.

That’s why we have religions, heroes, nations, tribes, clubs, teams, sides, communities and political parties.

Take advantage of this basic human need. Find something bigger than your product and put it on a pedestal.

You could celebrate something intangible like a spirit, a human quality, an attitude, a way of living or a school of thought.

You could eulogize an individual or a group of people.

You could glorify an object or a place.

You could even heap praise on a particular era, a golden age, a journey through time or a historic legacy.

But at all costs, avoid the temptation to put your own brand on that pedestal.

Be the priest, not the deity.

No brand should glorify itself. After all, no one likes a narcissist.

Instead, be the means through which customers can connect with a bigger and far more sacred ideal.

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