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03. Dramatize the Problem - Deck of Brilliance - Deck of Brilliance
03. Dramatize the Problem
03. Dramatize the Problem

Every product is a solution to a problem.

So it follows that the more interesting, urgent and serious the problem, the more impressive the solution.

For this approach, let the problem dominate the ad, taking up most of the space and time.

The ideal proportion is 90% problem and 10% solution.

When you think about it, that’s the way jokes are structured too — 90% set up and 10% punch line.

Begin by identifying all the problems that the product can solve and select the most insightful one from the list.

Make sure the core of the problem is a truth, not a contrivance.

This will ensure that the audience can relate to it and imagine themselves in a similar situation.

Having anchored yourself in a truth, let the problem fly.

Find its most outrageous form.

Throw the problem into interesting situations.

Thurst it on unusual people.

Create a perfect storm for a character to battle.

Then at the last minute, rescue that character from his predicament with your clever and punchy solution.

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