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04. Dramatize the Solution - Deck of Brilliance - Deck of Brilliance
04. Dramatize the Solution
04. Dramatize the Solution

In this instance, you are going to lead with a solution instead of a problem.

90% of your ad will be an interesting, dramatic, ‘WTF?’ situation that results from someone using your product.

The viewer is not told how this situation came about until the very end.

The last few seconds of your ad are for a clever connecting phrase that reveal that your product was behind it all.

So where do you begin?

You start by figuring out that connecting phrase.

Write down as many interesting expressions of your product’s benefit as you can and pick the one that seems the most insightful, fresh and true.

Craft this phrase till it shines.

It’s the hinge that opens the door between your product and amazing work.

The more interesting this phrase, the more memorable the situation up front.


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