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43. Set Up an Installation - Deck of Brilliance - Deck of Brilliance
43. Set Up an Installation
43. Set Up an Installation

There are two types of installations.

The first is a sculpture, ideally three-dimensional, that is passively watched and wondered at.

The other is an interactive set up (using digital, video, sound and physical material) that is touched and played with.

Either way, the installation should have the power to stop people and keep them engaged until your message gets through.

But what should your installation be about?

Start by thinking of ways to use the latest technology to deliver a new experience of the brand’s benefit.

Remember though that the physical set up is only half the story.

The real power of an installation is in the video that follows, the video that will tell the story of its creation, its set up and its effect on passers-by.

Get that story right and your installation will be able to fly to millions of screens across the world.

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