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44. Turn it into a Game - Deck of Brilliance - Deck of Brilliance
44. Turn it into a Game
44. Turn it into a Game

Turn your project into something fun, engaging and rewarding: a game.

Anything can be ‘gamified’.

‘Gamification’, in essence, is about giving people a target to work towards and rewarding their efforts as they progress.

Games tap into many of our natural instincts–our optimism, our desire to do something extraordinary, our willingness to collaborate with others, our resilience when we fail and the satisfaction we get from going past a finish line.

Games can also be a way to change behavior, to discourage bad habits or encourage positive ones.

And games don’t necessarily have to be competitive.

In fact, studies show that collaborative games have more appeal than competitive ones.

Nor do games have to be based on fantasy.

Reality-based, non-fiction games can also be attractive.

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